​Creative Strategy

Our process allows you to clearly define your ideas and translate them in a consistent way to align your teams and meet the business goals of your business.


How do you want your business to be perceived? What makes you different from your competitors? What is the soul of your brand?

Clients Profile

Who are they ? What do they want? What do they think of you? We segment your customers to understand their behavior.

Income Segmentation

What is your growth potential? We use our technical expertise and marketing perspective to help you clarify your business vision.

Brand Attributes

What makes your brand special? What adjectives and emotions could you give him? What is his personality? Our analysis grid will allow us to propose a strategy faithful to the spirit of your company.


What needs to be prioritized for your business to make more money? Increases his notoriety? Improve the experience of its customers? Become more efficient?


Signé MJ

I had full confidence in the Sensei Media team to create the content and images of my company. Results: I was really amazed about the final product! A dynamic and personalized video that can highlight my personality and the brand image of Signé MJ.

Marie-Josée Beaudoin

What can we do for you?